Estimation Of The Phase Error Of Goniometric Control Based On The Accelerometric Transducers

A.V. Grecheneva, O.R. Kuzichkin, A.O. Kovalenko, N.V. Dorofeev, R.V. Romanov

The article is devoted to the development of a phase error model of goniometric control based on accelerometric transducers and its assessment. It is established that in the case of goniometric control of complex kinematic units making curvilinear movements, it is not always possible to position the accelerometers exactly on the axis of rotation of the kinematic pair. In this regard, it is necessary to evaluate the phase error of the goniometric control, the compensation of which will allow to bring the measuring bases of the points of control of angular displacements to a single coordinate system. The phase error of the goniometric control was estimated taking into account the decomposition of the acceleration vector into normal and tangential components. A model of the error of the mismatch of the measuring units of goniometric control was built taking into account the angle of rotation, angular velocity, angular acceleration and constant acceleration of gravity. The simulation results confirm the adequacy of the obtained model of the phase error of goniometric control. It is proved that the phase error of the goniometric control increases proportionally with an increase in the interaxal distance between accelerometers, angular velocity and angular acceleration, and is also exponential.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2821-2826