Intensification Of Water-Oil Emulsion Separation By Treating Cellulose Acetate Membrane With Microwave Radiation

Dinar DilshatovichFazullin, Gennady VitalievichMavrin, LeysanIldarovnaFazullina, IlnarAbuzarovichNasyrov, RufiyaDamirovnaFazylova

To improve the degree of separation of model oil emulsion with particle sizes from 158 to 986 nm, the membrane was modified by treatment with microwave radiation in the decimeter wave band with a power of 1500 W, a working radiation frequency of 2, 45 MHz, at a temperature of 24 °C, a processing time of 10 to 60 minutes in environment of atmospheric air. As a result of the treatment of membranes by microwave radiation, the membrane weight decreases to 0.8 %. A decrease in the moisture capacity after treatment with microwave radiation as a function of time has been revealed. It is determined that as a result of microwave treatment by radiation from membranes, the specific productivity increases, and the productivity increases with the separation of the emulsion. The degree of separation of model emulsion by membranes after microwave treatment is reduced to 2.2 % in comparison with the initial membrane.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2838-2842