Introducing The Index Of Confined Aquifer Heterogenity

Gamal H. El Saeed, Neveen B. Abdelmageed, Peter Riad, M.Komy

This research studies the interaction between the groundwater and formation non heterogeneity, the research was conducted in the three areas ofDarb El Arbeain, southern western Desert, Egypt. Darb El-Arbeain area related to the Red sea and East Oweinate district, where the main factors controlling the structural framework in the area are (EGSMA, 1987); Tensional stresses led to a great number of faults of different trends and types, Vertical and diagonal uplifting of the basement rocks, and Three anticlines with gentle angles of.Through different pumping scenarios for each case study, by running each case for 110 %, 180%, 280%, and 370% of initial calculated recharge, the study revealed that the heterogeneity of the aquifer depends on both the time required for water level equilibrium under dynamic condition and the percentage of difference between max and min value of drawdown.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2843-2851