Mathematical Modelling And Evaluation Of The Characteristics Of Specialized Reconfigurable Systems Based On A Common Bus At The Stage Of Synthesis Of The System Configuration

Alexey I. Martyshkin, Dmitry S.Martens-Atyushev

The paper is devoted to mathematical modelling and studying probabilistic and temporal characteristics of specialized reconfigurable multiprocessor systems with UMA type memory, as well as introduction of additional hardware solutions, that is, a memory controller (buffer device). To obtain a number of characteristics of such systems, the model is also considered on the basis of open queuing networks. The architectural and model solutions under study are described in detail. The shortcomings of the existing solutions and the merit of the proposed solutions are highlighted. In closing, the main conclusions on the work are made. The models considered in the paper make it possible to evaluate the main probability-time characteristics of reconfigurable systems at the design stage without building real systems

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2852-2860