Research Of A System For Identifying Traffic Flow Parameters Based On A Vibro- Acoustic Control Method

A.O. Kovalenko, N.V. Dorofeev, O.R. Kuzichkin, A.V. Grecheneva, R.V. Romanov

This article describes the study of a system for identifying traffic flow parameters based on the vibroacoustic control method. The current situation in the field of traffic monitoring systems and systems for identifying transport parameters, existing problems, tasks and solutions are briefly considered. A mathematical model of a vibroacoustic signal is described in the case of a car traveling on any irregularities in the road surface, demonstrating the process of formation of a vibroacoustic wave by a vehicle. The block diagram of the application of the vibroacoustic method for controlling the parameters of traffic flows to control the speed and weight indicators of cars is given. The technique of group processing of vibroacoustic signals is presented, which solves the problem of determining the parameters of the traffic flow by filtering the coordinates of a moving object from observations of signals from synchronous vibroacoustic sources. The final part of the article presents the conclusions and simulation results of the system for identifying traffic flow parameters for processing vibro-acoustic signals of passing cars.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2872-2879