The Model Of The Incoming Resource Flow Of The Social System For Digitalization Of Management

Mikhail Vladimirovich Samosudov

A presented model reflects the process of the incoming resource flow (and the incoming cash flow is a part) in a social system, functioning in an active environment. The model is part of a comprehensive model of a social functional system that operates in an active environment, which, in addition to the presented model, includes the models “corporate man”, “cooperation of corporate relationship members”, “evolution of the corporate system”. A resource-functional approach was used to the analysis of social systems for creating the model. It is founded on the set of rigorous theories describing the social system and the processes of human cooperation. The model considers the activeness of the social system and environment, human behavior, information and resource flows, and the institutional environment. It can be used to predict the results of companies, assess their sustainability, calculate the level of risk, as well as managerial influences necessary to compensate for disturbing influences that affect the trajectory of the system. The complex of models is the basis of the “digital twin” of social system for the purpose of creating automation systems for managerial activities.

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2892-2900