Performance Analysis of Zero-Forcing Processing for MIMO Multi-Relay Communication Networks

AprianaToding, SyafruddinSyarif, Rismawaty Arunglabi, CharniaIradat Rapa, Nicolaus Allu

In this research, we consider the problem of zero-forcing processing for multi-input multi-output multi-input (MIMO) communication systems, in which MIMO source-destination communication pairs communicate simultaneously through more than one relay nodes. It has assumed that due to the critical shadow effect, communication links can be authenticated only with the help of relay nodes. The purpose is to design a relay amplification matrix to maximize the significance of communication that can achieve within the relay, which frequently considers the relay mechanism for support and forwarding with two relay nodes in this study. The Zero-forcing (ZF) processing used to reduce bit error rates and maintain low complexity. Investigation of the achievements of the proposed algorithm shows that numerical simulations can be significantly improved.

Volume 11 | Issue 10

Pages: 186-191