Design of Information Systems for Measuring the Performance of Small and Medium Industries to Improve Competitiveness

Ika Ratna Indra Astutik, Wiwik Sulistyowati, Isnaini Rodiyah

Small and medium industries (SMI’S) become one of the strong foundations in the economy sector of a country as well as in Indonesia. This is evident, when the country suffered a monetary crisis SMI’S was able to survive the production process. By utilizing the local potential around the environment. However, the development of SMI’S there are several obstacles among them 1) improvement of the quality of products has not been standardized process and output production results. 2) Measurement of SMI’S performance, the SMI’S actors do not understand well the importance of measurement of SMI’S performance. 3) The registration of SMI’S administration is not maximized due to the absence of an integrated information system that manages SMI’S data and potential potentials for SMI’S and local goverment. Thus, there is no known potential for SMI’S to confront ASEAN Economic Community.The purpose of this research is to design an integrated information system to know the performance of the SMI’S so as to facilitate the SMI’S and local government in managing and knowing the performance and potential of SMI’S in the region.In the design of performance measurement information systems There are several stages, such as :(1) analysis of the problem (2) Aanalysis of needs (3) system design (4) system implementation (5) System Maintenance.With the design of performance measurement information system can improve performance by doing measurement of target achievement and good purpose by SMI’S and local government through related service

Volume 11 | 08-Special Issue

Pages: 2972-2978