Optimal Tuning of 3DOF-PID and 2DOF-PID Controller for Load Frequency Control

Somanath Mishra, Ajit Kumar Barisal and Sasmita Kar

Load frequency Control (LFC) has a great impact in interconnected power system for upholding rated frequency. Multi degree of freedom Proportional Integral Derivative controllers such as two degree and three degree of freedom PID (2DOF-PID & 3DOF-PID)controllers are used in this article to enhance the regulation of frequency in an unified system (two area) with hydrogenerating unit and thermal generating unit in each control area. Considering ITAE as fitness function Sine-Cosine Algorithm(SCA) is utilized to find the finest gains of these controllers during abrupt load perturbation (0.05 p.u.)in control area 1. With consideration of system response evaluative factors(undershoots,settling time & overshoots) the supremacy of the 3DOF-PID controller is established over 2DOF-PID controller and PID controller.By amplifying the load conditions of the control area 1 the robustness of the 3DOF-PID and 2DOF-PID controllers are verified.

Volume 12 | Issue 4

Pages: 61-68

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I4/20201418