Comprehensive Study and Research on Wireless Sensor Network and Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture

S. Anulekshmi and Dr.R. Durga

In this work, analysis a smart agricultural system that has two advanced technology implementation, such as controller, communication devices, and also with sophisticated techniques are needs to study and implemented in the real time system to reduce the data loss while transmitting and receiving signals and also improves the automation process. The smart agricultural includes the feature improvement of this model will monitor the values of PH sensor, temperature, humidity and moisture level in agricultural land for the communication purposes the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the wireless communication devices like (zibeee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) are majorly used also, the automatic control of water pump is implanted. Based on the sensor values the water pump will be deliver the water to the agricultural lands, essentially the power consumption is the major contribution in today’s agricultural sector, in modern process the solar based energy is distributed in the agricultural field. Beacuse it delivers the power only in necessary conditions, also it quite helpful for the control and the automation process with high power consumption. The agricultural field sensor values are periodically changed because it depend on the environmental conditions for taken necessary action on the real time field and the future analysis the obtaining data’s are saved and sent by the user is essential. The IoT is proper development to send the sensed values controller in the field which transmitted in data through the wireless medium for the IoT application web page for user identification. In this survey a detailed analysis of the smart agricultural in wireless network and the IoT data exploration have been discussed.

Volume 12 | Issue 4

Pages: 150-158

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I4/20201427