Regression Test Case Optimization Using Ant Colony Optimization

Ashish Seth, Kirti Seth and Kanika Tyagi

Regression testing is a technique of software testing whose purpose is to guarantee that a recent alteration/modification to the software does not affect the functionality in adverse manner. The size of the test suite directly affects the cost and efforts of testing process. Test case optimization minimizes cost and time spent in the process of testing by reduction in the number of test cases to be used. This paper proposes an approach to minimize the given test suite using Ant Colony Optimization known as ACO-OPT. The goal of this technique is to reduce the number of test cases which in result decrease the execution time and cost of testing without affecting the fault coverage ability of the test suite. ACO-OPT take a test suite as input having execution time, fault covered and statements covered. Using all these attributes in the heuristic function of probability formula, minimizes the test cases by 62.5% for a certain test suite with full fault coverage and minimum execution time.

Volume 12 | Issue 3

Pages: 111-118

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I3/20201172