Characterization and Tribological Performance of Aluminium Hybrid Matrix Composites Fabricated through Stir Casting-A Review

Ch Praveen Kumar, P. Karthik and M. Gopi Krishna

Aluminium hybrid matrix composites are new time of composites that can supplement single strengthened composites due to upgraded tribological properties. This paper examines the feasibility and possibility of reducing the cost of fabricated aluminium hybrid composites for automotive and aerospace applications. And the tribological performance of the aluminium hybrid composites (AHC) manufactured by stir casting have additionally beenevaluated.The AHC's optical and SEM images suggest that the reinforcing particles are dispersed evenly in the matrix stage and have been seen as acceptable to the composite being produced. And also the XRD plots confirms that the fabricated composites consists the main elements of reinforcing particles. This paper attempts to review the tribological performance of the composites with different combination of reinforcing materials. This review suggests that the AHC shows more feasibility and Reliability of parts design and manufacturing and can be used for advanced applications.

Volume 12 | Issue 3

Pages: 217-225

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I3/20201185