A Quantitative Study of Problems Relating to Human Resource in Manufacturing Industries of Madhya Pradesh, India

Mohammad Afraz Khan and Dr. Sapna Singh

This Research work goal is to enhancing the Human Recourse study in manufacturing Industries to comprehend the issue of human resource practices in a nation like India. Daulat Ram Industries (DRI) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rail industry; it generates various kinds of dynamic braking options for petrol, dieselelectric and electrical locomotives, in addition to a wide variety of resistors, AC and DC motors and blowers for force-cooling options, manufactured constructions. It's currently making a foray into the subject of green bathrooms, state-of-the art work pantry automobile gear and manufactured bogie frames for passenger coaches in addition to locomotives. This research study focus is on analyzing and assessing the function of human resource practices on the increase and maturation of the business. Its principal goal is identifying the prevailing human resource practices and analyzes the efficacy of the practices in businesses localized in Madhya Pradesh. For attaining our aim we've gathered information about human resource training in business contemplating variables namely manpower preparation, staffing practices, training and profession development, Performance evaluation, reimbursement and Incentive, unionization, staff work, worker involvement and working conditions that form exclusive role in quantifying the prevailing human resource practices in Madhya Pradesh, India. Through this study, we could analyze the efficacy of the human resource factors in business. Industry in Bhopal is among the significant industrial hubs of Madhya Pradesh, together with the secondary industry in the district with increased at 15.2 percent compound annual growth rate in the previous five decades.

Volume 12 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 432-451

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP3/20201278