Informative and Synthesizing Texts of the Music of the Second Half of the 20th Century

Elena Ivanovna Grigorieva, Lena Igorevna Cheshenko, Valentina Mikhailovna Shcherbinina, Irina Semenovna Avramkova and Elena Olegovna Kuznetsova

The paper reveals two opposite trends in the music of the second half of the 20th century, which developed in the framework of postmodernism and correspond to two types of musical logic: determinism and indeterminism, which are associated with the centripetal and centrifugal logic of musical thought and, thus, two different ways of reflecting the world picture in art. The structural and semantic invariants of a statement based on determinism and indeterminism have been investigated. The reasons for the formation of two types of musical logic, as well as the historical, social, philosophical, and other prerequisites of modern ways of reflecting reality, have been investigated. The signs of a new type of thinking have been revealed. It has been concluded that the form of the semiotic modeling of the world is changing, in which the dominant models are of the logical informative type – geometry and mathematics, which contributes to the formation of a new structural and semantic development logic. In contrast to the romantic inner lyrical experience in the second half of the 20th century, the content of the works becomes the experience and reflection of the number. The role of the rational, thinking principle has been activated both in the scientific and artistic fields of activity. The opposite type of musical logic is the probabilistic type associated with the concept of indeterminism. This type of logic, actualizing the chance and uncertainty, acts as a balancing pole. Chance and uncertainty bring art closer to life, where the laws of probability and unpredictability rule. Indeterminism reflects the sensual world of the contemporary, responding to new horizons that have opened up as a result of the rapid development of mathematics, biology, psychology, physics, and logic. Therefore, the chance becomes the same significant aesthetic category as the order. In connection with the two trends, two types of texts prevailing in 20th-century music have been determined – informative and synthesizing.

Volume 12 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 760-765

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP3/20201314