Energy security of china: Strategy towards international leadership

V.V. Ezhov, Zhao Jielin

Understanding the energy security strategy of PRC within the framework of domestic development goals and the modern system of international relations is extremely important in order to assess the future of international processes. The article conveys the comparative analysis of the energy security of China and the USA, the analysis of the key Chinese documents on strategy planning, and the present assumptions about the energy system of China. The facts suggest that having the complex apprehension of its own position in the in world energy system and in the whole system of international relations, China offers the cooperative solutions helping to achieve the key national goals, counterpoising them to the ideologically driven approaches of the dominant central force, what may become the basis of real and balanced multipolarity.

Volume 12 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 342-350

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP2/SP20201079