Development Of Parameters Of The Harvester's Device For Seed Separation And Cleaning On Lip Screen

Irina Mikhaylovna Prisyazhnaya,Valentina Timofeevna Sinegovskaya,Serafima Pavlovna Prisyazhnaya,Mikhail Olegovich Sinegovski

Soybean seeds are harvested by single-drum harvester threshers, which allow high losses due to grain crushing (12,5 – 15 %). To receive seeds, silos grain is additionally cleaned at the grain cleaning complex, where it is also additionally damaged by the force of transporting devices and is not completely sorted from crushed and microdamaged seeds. A promising direction to increase soybean productivity, along with other methods, is to improve the differentiated method of threshing and grain separation during harvesting with the separation and collection of high-quality, biologically complete seeds for sowing in a separate silo and collecting in a second silo of other seeds. A patent of the Russian Federation No. 2679508 was obtained for this device. The subject matter is that the developed device for separate collection of biologically valuable seeds during harvesting by the combine additionally contains an inclined transport board, preventing the inflow of blast furnace seeds by the second threshing drum into the total mass. The beginning of the transport board installation is located behind the first threshing drum, and its end is located above the beginning of the second half of the upper sieve boot, the sloping board is divided into two parts. The first part, located under the first half of the lower sieve boot, and the second part, located under the second half of the lower sieve boot, which ensures the collection of mature and biologically high-quality seeds in a separate silo, and excreted seeds are used for sowing without further cleaning. The article presents the research of the process of soya grain cleaning with lip screen to obtain a separate fraction of biologically valuable and quality seeds, and collecting them in a separate silo of the combine. On the basis of laboratory researches four forms of lip screen blades have been studied. Parameters of inclined transport board for feeding straw heap grains to the upper sieve of two in-line cleaning of the combine have been determined. The economic check of two-line cleaning harvester at the soybean harvest showed that the most complete, less crushed and micro-damaged soybean grain, threshed by the first threshing drum, is allocated to the first soybean fraction. Twoline cleaning harvester ensures that 60 percent of biologically complete and high-quality seeds are released into the seed fraction.

Volume 12 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 380-386

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP2/SP20201083