Cost Analysis of GR91 Hydroand Non-Hydro Boiler Header

A. Joshuva, J. Pravin Kumar, S. Aravinth, N. Ramasamy, N. Ramasamy and M. Chandrakala

In boiler, header is one of the important part where it collects the water or steam or mixtures of both are collected at one end and distributes to other end. GR91 material is a very heat sensitive and also difficult to manufacturing of header. In our study using GR91 material for the manufacturing of header followed by the sequence of operation. After manufacturing the header, it is subjected to hydro testing. This study is to analyse the cycle time and cost involved in manufacturing of header with and without hydro test. Due to the hydro test, the cycle time and cost involved also increased drastically. In this analysis to show the increased time and cost. It also helps in maintaining the quality of work pieces and maintaining its accuracy. Main objective of our studyis to predict the cost analysis of the header and to reduce the number of rejected pieces from the site.

Volume 12 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 512-520

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP1/20201098