Factors Affecting Intention to Use Reusable Bags for Shopping of Vietnamese Urban Consumers

Le Thuy Huong and Phan Thanh Hung

This study examines the intention of Vietnamese urban consumers to choose reusable bags to replace single-use plastic bags as shopping packages, in the context that Vietnam is one of the countries that dispose plastic waste most. The study selects the technology-accepting model (TAM) as the research framework, and extends this model by adding some characteristic variables of consumers from countries with transition economies such as Vietnam. The results show that Perception of ease of use, Perception of usefulness of single-use plastic bags, Nonavailability of reusable bags to be hindering factors, while Perception of modern self is a factor promoting the intention to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags.

Volume 12 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 1190-1199

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP3/20201366