Transitioned Column-Row sorting Filter (TCRSF) to De-noise Finger Nail Images

V. Thahira Banu and Dr.M. Renuka Devi

The quality of the digital images could be affected by various noises and it can be denoised by various filtering algorithms. This algorithm helps to increase the SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) value and improves the quality of the digital image. In this paper, a statistical filter has been proposed named as Transitioned row-column sorting (TCRSF) filters, a modified version of Median filter, by sorting the luma component values or gray image row wise and column wise, then median value has been assigned to the processing pixel value in a sliding window (3x3). Also, Median filter, Gaussian filter, Wiener filter and proposed had taken for the comparative study. PSNR and MSE metrics are compared to analyse the performance and the quality of the image. The result shows that the proposed filter increases the PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise ratio) and reduces MSE (Mean Square Error) metric values and produces good results.

Volume 11 | 01-Special Issue

Pages: 21-27