Game Theory based Optimal Vertical Handover Decision Model for Heterogeneous Mobile Networks

P. Aruna Kumari and Dr.I. Santi Prabha

In Heterogeneous Mobile Networks (HMN), there are plenty of handover decision techniques which consider network related Quality of Service (QoS) metrics benefitted for both service providers and the users. However there are very few techniques applying Game theory model for handover decision, considering network and user related QoS parameters. In a vertical handoff decision model based on Game theory model is proposed. In this model, the users are logically grouped based on their resource capabilities and requirements. A utility function is derived for each type of users based on network and user level QoS metrics. Then Game theory model is applied to determine the target network which will maximize the utility of each type of mobile users. Simulation results show that the proposed model yields better QoS in terms of throughput, packet drop rate, latency and cost.

Volume 11 | Issue 11

Pages: 18-32

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11I11/20193164