Mathematical Modeling of Solar Heating System for an Aluminum Factory

Karrar Hameed Kadhim and Dr. Boris Lukutin

Solar energy is one of the main sources of renewable energy in the world. The solar power system is gaining wide scientific, academic and industrial interest due to unique advantages offer by. In this paper, a mathematical model for a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system that consists of a solar collector flat inclination linked to the hot water storage tank. Solar water heating system (SWH) has been developed based on MATLAB/SIMULINK model and simulated for an Aluminum factory in Baghdad, Iraq. The thermal behavior of the sub-systems has been identified, such as changes in the degree of the complex temperature of the collector and storage tank and change of the efficiency of the collector. Results that have been accessed comes from two different simulation methods. One contributory heater is placed inside the storage tank to estimate the thermal performance of the system and used in two different simulated methods. The mathematical model showed good agreement results. The result points out that the collector surface area strongly depends on plate absorption average temperature. On the other hand more of contributory heaters working to reduce heat exchanger and would cause to make the inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger are equal as long as possible. Finally in this case simulation results can predict the operation of a solar heating system and provide a basis of research for the dynamic simulation of solar energy as an additional energy system.

Volume 11 | Issue 11

Pages: 198-205

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11I11/20193188