Analysis of Artificial Intelligence in Future Industrial Applications

H. Anandakumar and V.S. Akshaya

As foreseen, intelligent machines in the near future can be as a substitute or rather improves human aptitudes in extensive areas on study. Therefore, artificial intelligence (AI) is the level of know how exhibited by machines created by humans. All this is discussed in detail in the field of computer science. Hence, this discipline tends to gain popularity since it has augmented the level of human life for vast number of places. Over the last decades, AI has shown extensive rise based on the performance processes like the service and the production systems. Due to the study of artificial intelligence, there has been significant rise in the development of various technologies such as the expert systems. Moreover the industrial use of artificial intelligence has shown to have vital use in many field of study since expert systems have been extensively been utilized mostly for catering various complex challenges related to disciplines in business, engineering, science, weather forecasting, and medicine. Sectors enacting the use of AI are noticed to possess significant rise in the efficiency and quality processes. Hence, the major objective of this paper is providing a concise impression of how the technology is utilized. Additionally, there will be exploration of the present utilization of technologies within the design of PSS with help of artificial intelligence systems in order to dank various power operational systems that have been influenced by various interruptions. Furthermore, the use of AI can also be used in solving problems related in the field of medicine, implementation of hospital processes, the accounting sector, and design of computer applications and games.

Volume 11 | Issue 10

Pages: 205-210

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11I10/20193162