A Proportional Investigate on the Examination of Investor towards Equity and Derivatives

T. Vigneshwaran and R. Srinivasan

Most investment avenues in India are called risky by investors. The main investment feature perceived by investors is liquidity, income stability, main amount, approval, and easy ability to transfer. Indian investment avenues such as silver, bank, share, life insurance, postal savings, real estate, gold, etc. are available. The desired return level and risk tolerance help decide the investor's choice. The investment may change from national saving certificates, provident funds, insurance schemes, chit funds, government securities, corporate fixed deposits, equity, bonds, derivatives, and schemes for mutual funds. It can be inferred that each investor is interested in saving extra, adding direct risk to new benefit. This is the main reason why the investor's perception alters when it comes to equity and derivatives investment. There is a lot of confusion between equity and derivatives in the investment avenues and the investment patterns to be decided. The objective of this research investigate is to contrast investors' perception of equity and derivatives.

Volume 11 | Issue 10

Pages: 230-235

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11I10/20193361