IP Steganography Using Identification Field of IPv4 Header

Ranjana Jadhav, Lina Shejwal, Isha Potnis, Yash Solanki and Mrunal Honap

We are introducing IP (Internet Protocol) Steganography in the Identification Field of IP (Internet Protocol) Header. The proposed algorithm is to utilize unused bits of identification field to send a secret message along with the original data in the packet. This research introduces the innovative encryption and compression algorithms to encrypt and compress the data to be shared as secret message so that it can fit into the unused bits of identification field. As identification field is of 16 bits out of only 8 bits are used to store sequence number of the packet, we are choosing next 8 bits to store secret message. Out of 8 bits, 2 MSB (Most Significant Bits) will define if there is a secret message hidden or not and remaining 6 bits will have the message in the encrypted and compressed form. Receiver will receive the packet and then will check for the hidden message if present receiver node will decompress and decrypt it to get the actual message.

Volume 11 | 11-Special Issue

Pages: 1206-1211

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11SP11/20193153