Smart Growth Monitoring System in Agriculture Using IoT

Padmaja Kuruba and V. Madhusudhan

Greenery the boon of nature to planet Earth is such a benefaction we humans have been enjoining for ages together. A garden is incomplete without a gardener who extended his patient-labor and care towards it, but in this augmenting world it is really difficult to extend attention and care to plants which are an inevitable part of our lives and are of aesthetic value and contain medicinal and commercial importance. Henceforth to overcome this there are a sundry of options but the best and the most feasible one is through the powerful tool of today’s world that is IOT(Internet of Things). The proposed model will monitor and care your plant and will also intimate you so that necessary actions can be taken and can also be used for research purposes to study the behavior of plants with respect to various other parameters which affects its growth and development. The purpose of this proposed model is to monitor various parameters affecting the growth and survival of a plant and to take necessary action for its wellbeing. It will be collecting data in accordance to parameters like soil humidity, light index, Air quality index, temperature and the amount of water consumed by the plant using Intel Edison and IOT platform Thing speak. It will automatically water the plant when the soil humidity goes down and can also provide it with liquid fertilizer’s or with pesticides and gives an indication while watering and will timely update the above parameters to the server wherein we can make use of it either for domestic caring or for research or commercial purpose which can be monitored from any part of the world.

Volume 11 | 12-Special Issue

Pages: 620-630

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V11SP12/20193258