Performance comparison of 5 -level modular multilevel converter fed 3-phase induction motor with direct torque control using pi and fuzzy logic controller

Sriramulu Naik Mudhavath,Gudapati Sambasiva Rao

This work proposes performance comparison of Direct Torque Control (DTC) of 3-phase Induction Motor (IM) with 5-level Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) adopting Proportional Integral (PI) and Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC). DTC is utmost attractive direct control strategies for torque ripples, stator flux of induction motor to obtain high performance control. The main drawback of the 5-level MMC with DTC of Induction Motor using PI controller is poor steady state and dynamic performance. The above drawback was reduced using the Fuzzy Logic Controller. The FLC with DTC gives better performance of induction motor than the PI technique. The simulation results of both PI, FLC techniques are presented and compared for 5-level MMC with DTC of induction motor using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 2084-2095

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I2/S20201254