Gsm Path Planning For Blind People Using Ultrasonic Sensor

P. Lachi Reddy, Ch. Sai Ahalya, S. Manoj Reddy, S. Aravind, N. Gopi

The principal focus of this paper is to give obstacle perception and actual time aid through Global System for Mobile transmission, Global Place System and Ultrasonic Sensor. To travel independently, the blind persons utilize either white crutch or assistance dogs. Even though the white crutch indicates about 1m before the object with speed walking 1.4 m/s, the reaction hour is just 1 sec and the crutch cannot identify low branches as well as rears of trucks. In present scenario, it is difficult for the blind commuters to walk safely and trustfully without the any human’s interference. So, this paper come up with an electronic tool which serves like human assistance and alerts the blind people via auditory and allows the end user to avoid accidents.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 603-609

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I2/S20201031