The Reality behind the Accountability of the XYZ Political Party

St. Salmah, Gugus Irianto, Aji Dedi Mulawarman, Lilik Purwanti

This study aimed to uncover the reality behind the accountability of the XYZ political party in Indonesia by employing a qualitative approach and the metaphor of an octopus.1 The welfare and sovereignty of the peoplewere important in the accountability of the XYZ political party. Political parties, as the pillars of democracy, have to realize the main vision and goals of democracy. The importance of political partiesbeing accountable is stipulated in Law Number 02 of 2011.This lawhas undergone several amendments, butin itscurrent state, this lawseemedunable to guarantee or accommodate the people’s welfare. This study of theaccountability of the XYZ political partyshowed(1) corporate capital financed the activities of the political party, (2) legislative power: corporations and their interests were ahigh priority when it came to makingregulations, and policies didnot prioritize the welfare and sovereignty of the people,(3)executive role: the government was considered tohaveonly asmall amount of capital and little power to enforce theaccountability of political parties, (4)the mass mediaactedin the interests of corporations,(5)Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)and civil society organizations hadno voice, and this helpedto smooth the trap ofcapitalism, (6)there seemedto be indoctrination inhigher education that supportedcorporate interests, and (7)academics were confused by corporate interests. The corporate power system that reflected the accountability of the XYZpolitical partydid notaccommodate the welfare and sovereignty of the people. We recommendthat policymakers in the XYZ political party restore the function of the political party in accordance with the goal of democracy, which is thecreation ofprosperity and the sovereignty ofthe people.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 1546-1561

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I2/S20201196