Versatile I.O.D Based Swarm Drones During Pandemic Period

Addanki Elisha Raj,A.Srinath

This In any of the pandemic situations globally, it's required to maintain a proper quarantine throughout the place. To provide a secure protection to the public, versatile I.O.D based swarm drones comes to help as there are unmanned aerial vehicles ( UAV's). Here this paper tells about the accumulation of the drones , sharing information, transporting the required objects or the items, this helps in collection of samples of the people when they are in red zones ( human moment is highly restricted) and as a surveillance of the places with night vision and inform the duty officers as well as the spraying the chemical disinfection like sodium hypochlorite, and many more. All this can be done through, Artificial intelligence (A.I) through computer vision and speech, swarm mechanism brings the uniqueness for the monitoring purpose as well as many different functionalities or activities, and all this will be done through I.O.D ( Internet of Drones ) network architecture. this is equipped with a HD action camera of high quality, this can also equipped by a solar panel for the self charging. This drone can also float in water in case of any changes in the weather. The main aim is to have safe and secure for the people, cost effective model, payload, surveillance, collection of the samples that will be taken in that pandemic situations and many more. this will be helping in spraying disinfectant regularly in densely- populated or any contaminated areas ( red zones ).

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 1780-1787

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I2/S20201219