Multiple Slips And Suction On Chemically Reacting And Dissipativeunsteady Mhd Jeffrey Fluid Over Vertical Exponential Surface With Brownian Motion And Thermophoresis

D Manjula, K. Jayalakshmi

In this research, considered the Transpiration and multiple slips (velocity, thermal and diffusion) on chemically reacting and dissipated unsteady magnetohydrodynamic Jeffrey fluid flow in a suspension of Brownian motion has been addition to thermophoresis effects controlling thermal management and incorporated the thermal radiation in the stream. In most of the existing studies considered either partial slip or no-slip at the boundary, in this work practically most of the problems come across with multiple slips and unsteadiness in the flow. By considering Jeffrey, includes the various slips and unsteady Jeffrey non-Newtonian model. In this investigation, ordinary differential equations (ODE’s) are used for Flow governing computations. Runge-Kutta technique is applied for the transformed equations and presented results. The influence of various involved flow variables on speed, temperature &deliberation as well as skin friction, Sherwood also Nusselt numbers remain visualized using graphs. The first physical implication of the result is found the heat transmission rate, and it is to be improved through the inclusion of attractive field in the presence of velocity slip and decrement in without magnetic field in the movement. so, in this work opposite performance of thermal radiation has been performed for domination of multiple slips and stability.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 1562-1579

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I2/S20201197