Revitalization Wayang in present context through creative learning; brainstorming, and mind mapping

KurniaSetiawan, Iwan Zahar, NinawatiLihardja, MeiskeYunithree

Shadow-puppets originated from India, and Indonesians developed various shadow-puppets that differed slightly from their origin. Although there are many noble values and various cultural traditions contained in the philosophy and physical form of Indonesian shadow puppets. However, the shadow puppets are increasingly forgotten by today's young generation. The purpose of this research is to revitalize shadow-puppet in the present context and the perspective and expression of young people. Research conducted is descriptive qualitative. The research subjects were students at the Visual Art and Design Faculty, at Tarumanagara University. The research methods conducted by depth-interview to RadenBagusAnantaHariNoorsasetya and UntungSaryanto (wayang expert), quessioner, pre and post-test about the students' insights, interests, and creative ideas on wayang, and focus group discussion with 33 Tarumanagara Students who take creative experiment course. Amongst the creativemethod used, which is considered the most striking and suitable is brainstorming and mind mapping. The results of a pleasant learning atmosphere, getting to know themselves, expressing themselves, thinking freely, cooperating with others and stimulating the courage to experiment to revitalize puppets. There was a change in their insights, interests and creativity before and after attending several meetings with creative experiment lectures.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 2394-2396

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I2/S20201286