Crack Detection System Using Image Processing Technique

Jose Marie B. Dipay,Ramir M. Cruz

Crack detection and investigation are critical in monitoring and analysis of the integrity of structures. This investigation led to the configuration, creation and initial execution of the Crack Detection System Using Image Processing Technique. In particular, it recognized the concerns experienced in performing manual crack detection for building structures; the appropriateelements of the system that can be created to address the issues experienced, and the respondents' degree of acknowledgment of the created system intermsof usefulness, dependabilityand execution.The examination utilized the qualitative-quantitative research strategy that used a researcher made survey and inquiries questions. The respondents of the investigation were: one (1) Civil Engineer, one (1) Building Administrator and fifty (50) building residents. The issues experienced in performingmanual crack detection for building structures wereinadequate detection of cracks in building structures,and number of collapsing building structuresdue to inaccurate detection, monitoring and analysis of cracks.The appropriate features of the instrument that can be developed to address the issues experienced were: image processing techniquethat can make the procedure of detecting the cracks quicker and simpler; and web - based system in buildingsfor use of civil engineers and building administratorsare far more efficient in detecting, monitoring, and analyzing cracks as opposed to the manual process.The respondents' evaluations for Crack Detection System using Image Processing Technique were significantly worthy with regards to usefulness, dependability,and execution. Government authorities and professional agencies may suggest the use of the developed system to civil engineers and building administrators for the purposes of crack detection, monitoring, and analysis

Volume 12 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 966-970

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12SP2/SP20201155