Optimal Operation of Real Power Generators in an Integrated Power Systems with Grey-Wolf tuned-SVC for Voltage Profile Improvement

M. Rambabu, Dr.G.V. Nagesh Kumar and S. Siva Nagaraju

With radicaldiminution in cost of renewable energy generation and snowballing demand, deregulated power systems are inclusive of renewable energy sources to improve voltage stability and power transfer capability of the grid. To reap the economic benefits of renewable energy sources completely, there is a need for in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the system for various conditions viz. contingency and network congestion. In this paper, different indices are studied to evaluate the health of the system under various conditions and a Composite Bus Utilization Index (CBUI) is proposed for optimal placement of static VAR compensator (SVC). Further, Grey Wolf algorithm is used to optimize the power flow for fuel cost reduction with valve-point effect, real power losses and carbon emissions. The deliverable power of wind and solar generation is estimated using the Weibull and Lognormal probability density function (PDF) respectively. The proposed methodology is validated on IEEE 57 bus systems under normal loading and contingency conditions using intermittent approach in simulation environment and is compared with Newton Raphson method for its efficacy.

Volume 11 | Issue 2

Pages: 14-31