Greatest Maximum Cost Method for Maximization Transportation Problems

T. Geetha and N. Anandhi

In this article, a new algorithm is proposed to find an optimum solution for the maximization transportation problems. In the traditional methods maximization transportation problem is to be converted in to the minimization transportation problem and solve the minimization transportation problem in two step, first step to find initial basic feasible solution and next step to find an optimum solution by using any of one of the traditional methods. Finally to find the optimum solution for the maximization transportation problem. In this article a new method named Greatest Maximum cost Method (GMCM) is proposed for finding optimum profit for transportation problems directly with minimum iteration .The GMCM is applied herein which can efficiently schedule the resources in order to maximize the profit of the transportation problem. It is easy to apply both type of balanced and unbalanced transportation problem. Maximum profit provided by the proposed algorithm is exactly same in the other traditional method such as LCM with MODI,VAM with MODI. The method is illustrated with numerical examples to justify its efficiency.

Volume 11 | Issue 2

Pages: 99-108