Defence Base Operated Mecanum Wheel Robot Using Night Vision Camera

Ram Krishna,Shujayat Khan

Mecanum wheels operateson Omni-directional translational motion which helps in operation of automated guided vehicles platform in more effective way. We have designed a Mechatronic system, which deals with the industrial and defense-based problems with Mecanum robot interfaced with 3600 night vision camera, 360 0 easy automatic operated gun or the missile. This can be controlled through a handy-smart-phone user friendly display which is connected either with IOT or Bluetooth. Four Mecanum Wheels are with Four different stepper motors with Four motor drives which are operated by the Arduino mega board, there is a separate controlling system for the gun or the missile operation and the night vision, these are controlled by the raspberry pi. This system is a inspiration from the military systems, this system is helpful to protect in areas of the military based, forest areas, industries and many more. This system helps to spy and protect from the false traders, terrorists, naxalites and many more how cause harm to the human kind. this can detect the human interference even at night because its trained with the machine learning techniques and Artificial-intelligence in the time of wheel moment and rotation. this has the added advantage of using this in hospitals without interfacing the gun mechanism for the safety of the hospitals. MATLAB and SIMULINK is used of the stimulation for Mecanum wheel. As many Mecanum wheel needed the smoother platform for the movement yet this design stands apart and make the system to move in any landscapes.

Volume 12 | Issue 6

Pages: 443-449

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I6/S20201048