Design Of Automated Bike Wash System With Vertical Moving And Oscillating Nozzles

Talluri Hari Krishna Sai,Y Kalyan Chakravarthy

Till present, many automobile vehicles have a drastic increase in its usage, Due to that the many vehicle have to be used in muddy and unpleasant roads and at unpleasant climatic conditions, So there is need to clean our vehicles, due to busy schedule , we are not keeping up the time to clean so this project deals with the new design for automated bike wash system, this , machine have the vertical spraying nozzles that passes the solution with foam , water , air and any bike shiner. through this nozzle by controlled time intervals the actions that need to be performed take place one by one and step by step. this also workers as the dry washer to decrease the usage of the water or wastage of water and needs less work space, through few sensors that been placed in for the acknowledgement of the arrival of the vehicle and determining the height and length of the different vehicles, as this is equipped with the vertical spraying mechanism so that it can do the work faster and easier and operate at different appropriate positions or angles , as this machine is a automatic unmanned bike wash system which offers quick, efficient service and movable from one place to another place. As the steps thathave to be followed are the bike peripheral mapping, so that the nozzles can be adjusted automatically through the machine learning concept by detecting the parameters of the bike, followed by the drying process and shiner to the bike.All the design is done in solid works: this also have the automatic mobile operated features settings portal and ensures the rider have good qualify sanitized bike riding experience.

Volume 12 | Issue 6

Pages: 454-464

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I6/S20201050