Cloud Point Extraction Combined with Onium Technique for Separation and Determination Nickel (II) and Ascorbic Acid

Fatima A. Wannas and Dr. Shawket K. Jawad

Incorporation cloud point extraction method with onium system used as sensitive method for extraction and determination Nickel (II) by using ascorbic acid in order to formation onium species as well as determination ascorbic acid in different samples, the spectrophotometric study shows the wave length of maximum absorbance for Onium species was πœ†πœ†πœ†πœ†πœ†πœ†πœ†πœ†=293 𝑛𝑛𝑛 , so the optimum concentration of hydrochloric acid HCl to high formation and stability Onium species with ascorbic acid was 0.5M. So that 0.5 mL of surfactant TritonX–114 was the optimum volume for higher efficiency of extraction in the presence 100 ΞΌg of Ni(II) in 10 mL aqueous solution and 1 π‘₯ 10βˆ’4 M Ascorbic acid as well as the optimum temperature of heating for aqueous solution to formation cloud point layer to extraction onium species quantitatively was 60Β°C for 15 minutes. Time heating the study involved effect of electrolyte and interferences, with applications for determination Nickel (II) and ascorbic acid in different samples.

Volume 11 | Issue 2

Pages: 182-191