Impact of Block Chain Technology Adoption on Financial Markets

Parmeshwari and Dr. Vijay Kumar Reddy

This research has been emphasized on the adoption of the block chain technology in the financial markets has been studied with the help of primary data from the investor’s perspective. The study examined the investors’ perception on the adoption of the block chain technology with the t test and the result indicated that the block chain technology is broadly scalable one and will be effectively utilized to take the competitive advantage. The structure equation model has been framed to know the impact of the block chain technology on the process efficiency of the financial markets and the result reveals that the reduction of the settlement time period with the smart contracts. It is found that process efficiency will be improved significantly in the financial markets. This paper is useful to the users of the block chain technology, capital markets regulators, market intermediaries, investors and various government stake holders of financial markets.

Volume 11 | Issue 2

Pages: 210-214