An Effective Domain Specific Record Ranking Method Via Exploring User Behavior

Ashok Kumar, Manish Mahajan, Dheerendra Singh and Komal Kumar Bhatia

Internet consists of billions of web pages those are interconnected to provide better information to the user in any part of the world. As the no of web pages are increasing day by day similarly the trend and size of e-commercewebsites increasing day by day. To arrange the data on these websites according to the relevancy of the user’s query becomes challenging. This can be achieved by proposing an algorithm which is based on the user’s behavior for searching the data. This paper proposed an algorithm consists of the user’s behavior. For books and traveling three factors were identified i.e. price, users’ ratings for both and volume for books, distance for the traveling domain. Based on the users survey the percentage for every factor has been identified. Based on these factorsthe generalized method has been proposed.

Volume 11 | Issue 2

Pages: 215-221