Existence Of Pancasila As A Stats fundamental Norm Of The Nation And State Of Indonesia In Facing Economic Globalization Challenges

Maurice Rogers,Gomgom T.P Siregar,Syawal Army Siregar

The influence of imperialism capitalism through liberalism in economics become the new reality that had never happened in Indonesia after independence of the Republic of Indonesia sovereignty. In this globalization era, Indonesia is facing with the two big ideologiesin the world that currently maintaining its development, liberalism which is espoused by western countries and socialism which is espoused by the countries of the communist. Development of capitalist ideology with liberalism indicated by the strong pull of free markets and foreign investments in Indonesia. Dealing with these pressures, developing countries tend to be frail, even almost helpless. The same thing applies to communist ideology which adheres to socialism. In reality, socialism also use a similar pattern with the pattern that is applied by liberalism, by counting on the free market in world trade and applying the prepotency of powers towards developing countries. In Indonesia, Pancasila has values that embodied in it are as the vision of life for the nation and the countryto face any threats of globalization, including economic globalization. This research is a normative law by usingregulation approaches and conceptual approaches. This research is also analytical descriptive by using qualitative data analysis. In conclusion, globalization in economy is a process of integrating the global economic systems that will force a country, including Indonesia to adjust their economic policies according to international regulations that tend to espouse economic liberalism, thus resulting amendment of economic systems whose being adhered by nation and the country of Indonesia. Deployment of Pancasila as alife vision for the nation of Indonesia becomea filtrationtowards the influence of globalization process that is happening in economic sector, by providing guidance and actualizingeach value of Pancasila on the implementation of national development, including the formation of legislation that will become law principles in determining every regulations in the economy issued by the government.

Volume 12 | Issue 6

Pages: 589-595

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I6/S20201067