Criminological Perspective Of Street Crime

SyawalAmry Siregar,Gomgom T.P Siregar,Muhammad Ansori Lubis

Street crime was a type of crime that was currently rife in society, ranging from the practice of extortion, persecution, blackmail, immoral crime, confiscation and seizure of property belonging to others (robber). Crime prevention in the perspective of criminal law policy is pursued by a policy approach, in the sense that there was integration between criminal politics and social politics and integration between efforts to tackle crime by using penal and non-penal means. In the effort to countermeasures with crime, criminology has an important position to learn about crime, criminals and the society's reaction to crime, so appropriate steps can be arranged and planned in the context of efforts to combat crime.This research was an empirical juridical research using several approaches, namely normative approach, case approach and legal principles approach. Data analysis of this research was conducted using qualitative data analysis methods. The findings of this researchwere about street crime which were motivated by 2 (two) factors, namely internal factors and external factors. Internal factors was a factors that originate from within oneself, such as, psychological condition (psychiatric), low understanding of religion and external factors was a factors originating from outside the self-protective actors, namely social factors, such as economics, education. Efforts to prevent the occurrence of street crime were carried out in two ways, namely non-penal efforts and penal efforts.Non-penal efforts carried out by means of efforts that can be done to prevent crime, carried out by patrolling of police in the area that involve crime, socialization for the community and so on. While the penal effort was the implementation of the legal process against the protests, ranging from investigations, examinations and hearings before the trial to the execution of the sentence (execution) and guidance for the convicted person. The obstacles in tackling street crime was having no integration between criminal politics and social politics.

Volume 12 | Issue 6

Pages: 603-611

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I6/S20201069