Miu Ai: Application Based on The ECommerce Prototype for Japanese Otaku in Indonesia

Kusnadi, Chandra Lukita, Ninda Lutfiani, Hega Lutfilah Juniar ,Untung Rahardja

This study aims to determine the importance of e-commerce with the target market of Otaku and Cosplayer. Creating the Miu Ai framework and application model as a new trend in the Disruption era is a challenge. The rise of e-commerce business in Indonesia is inseparable from the increasing use of online digital services in the community, which saves time and does not require significant capital to promote products. Based on GlobalWebIndex showing that searching online to buy products or services, there are 84% Visiting Online Retail Stores on the Web (All Devices) Reaching 91%. In line with this growing trend, Japanese culture lovers who pursue their hobbies and are often called Otaku and Cosplayers can become a significant market share. However, at present, there is no place available for Otaku and Cosplayers to channel their hobbies. There is no platform specifically for exchanging hobbies and information, and there is also no e-commerce that specifically markets-related products such as costumes and accessories for cosplayers and various merchandise for Otaku. The method used to design the Miu Ai application is Literature Review and Prototyping. This research resulted in a framework for the design of the Miu Ai application in prototype form.

Volume 12 | Issue 6

Pages: 618-623

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I6/S20201071