Bending Technology For Monometallic Finned Pipes Heat Exchange Systems Of A Wide Range Of Application

Alexey I. Remnev, Nina. I. Myachikova, Olga V. Binkovskaya, Yury A. Boltenko, Irina Yu. Korotkikh

For the first time in domestic and foreign practice, a new technology for non-Dorn bending of finned monometallic and bimetallic pipes, as well as a methodology for calculating the main parameters of the bending process, has been proposed. The main design and technological parameters of the executive units of special equipment for bending finned pipes include: a bending head, an axial compression mechanism, a node of rigid fixing of the pipe by force on the front and rear clips, which provide quality indicators of the resulting bends of pipes. A necessary condition for obtaining high-quality bending of pipes, which provides functional units of hydraulic drives of special equipment, is the constancy of the axial force in the process of forming the bend of the finned pipe. This technology of bending finned monometallic pipes, allows getting high-quality bends at the minimum and minimum possible bending radii of the pipe. This technology of bending finned pipes has no analogues in the world practice, it has been successfully implemented at JSC SMNPO after Frunze and JSC NPO Promtransenergo in the Sumy city and other enterprises for the serial production of various heat exchange systems for completing in the Russian Federation compressors, cars and tractors GAZelle, LAZ, KrAZ, MTZ, UAZ and other consumers.

Volume 12 | Issue 6

Pages: 664-671

DOI: 10.5373/JARDCS/V12I6/S20201078