Traditions Of Sufis In Modern Uzbek Poetry


On the eve of independence and the decades that followed, Uzbek poetry was characterized by genre diversity, stylistic originality, poetic ideas and diversity of expression. One of the most characteristic features of the poetry of this period is the emergence of works in the spirit and tone of mysticism in the works of nomadic poets. We know from history that mysticism is a doctrine that has had a profound impact on the social, cultural, philosophical and literary life of the Uzbek people. Although a number of works on mysticism have been carried out in our literature, taking into account the lack of special research on the commonalities and differences of religious mysticism and philosophical-mystical views, in this article the expression of mystical traditions in our modern poetry Abdulla Aripov, Askar Mahkam, It is studied on the example of the work of AbduvaliQutbiddin.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 2638-2646