The Specifics Of Modern Legal Education And Upbringing Of Schoolchildrenin The Countries Of The Post Soviet World

B.S. Abdullaeva,M.A. Sobirova,O.T. Abduganiev,D.N. Abdullaev

Legal education and legal training are one of the most important factors in the development of the legal consciousness of a person and the legal culture of the society as a whole.Formation of the rule of law and civil society is impossible without the mass participation of citizens in this process, their active position in defending their rights, in the fight against the arbitrariness and lawlessness of officials.However, currently in our country there is no well-established system of legal education of the population in the spirit of the ideas, values and orientations of the developed legal culture of our time. Negative trends in social development, instability of the situation in society cause a significant increase in social deviations, deformations of legal consciousness, especially among minors and young people. Under these conditions, education, enlightenment, dissemination of legal knowledge, education of respect for the rule of law and the rule of law among the entire population of the country acquire great importance.Taking into account the importance of legal education as the most important factor in the socialization of the individual, as a condition for building a legal state in recent years, attention has been focused on the study of legal issues among children and adolescents in the system of social science education. Currently, legal education exists in school courses in two forms - integrative and specialized (modular). This is reflected both in the creation of law textbooks for elective courses and in the wider inclusion of jurisprudence in social studies courses. Legal courses are also included in regional and school curricula.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 2706-2714