Diagnosis And Treatment Of Urogenital Sinus In Children

NasriddinErgashev, FurkatOtamuradov

The article provides a review of the literature on the evolution of diagnostics and surgical treatment for UGS. New criteria for determining the anatomical forms of pathology, the results of introducing into the diagnosis of sonographic genitonography, excluding ionizing radiation, are presented. Traditional methods of surgical correction and modified options provide optimal visibility and facilitate the separation of the urethra from the vagina with subsequent reduction to the perineum, dramatically reduce the indications for the imposition of a preliminary colostomy. The authors presented the results of the diagnosis and treatment of 9 patients with various forms of HCS. 6 of them were operated using anterior sagittal transanal access. The carnotype in 8 patients corresponded to 46, XX, in 1 - 46; X0, which is characteristic of Turner syndrome. Pronounced signs of virilization were observed in 2 patients, which required clitoroplasty.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 2741-2746