Issues On Using Interactive Strategies In Teaching Process

NafosatZikirova,Nasiba Abdullayeva, Ozoda Nishanova, Baktior Djalilov, Enajon Nishanbayeva

The article deals with the issues based on the efficiency of using interactive strategies in teaching. Innovative activity implies a creative approach of the teacher to the acquisition of existing forms and means of professional development. It should also be acknowledged that the stable and universally accepted scientific ideas and classifications of innovations in education and innovative pedagogical activity have not yet been perfectly formed. Interactive methods are also important because the teacher never rejects the student's point of view, but only gives the correct conclusion in time. As a result, the student understands the mistake. This prevents them from becoming depressed, braking in thinking. Interactive methods are based on mutual respect between the student and the teacher. The teacher listens to the student’s point of view anyway and expresses respect, while also teaching students to listen to each other.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 2753-2756