Efficiency Of Using Distance Technologies (Moodle, Camtasia Studio) In Teaching Process

Kholida Sultanova, Zebuniso Akhrarova, Mamura Dekhkanova,Gulbakhor Isanova, Kadamboy Musaev

Inthis article we defined the efficiency of using distance technologies (Moodle, Camtasia studio) in teaching process. The use of new information technologies in teaching process helps to improve and optimize the educational process and make the lesson more interesting. We combine traditional teaching methods with new methods using information technology, apply an individual approach to each student and develop their linguistic abilities, as well as objectively evaluate the quality of knowledge of each child. Thus, this topic is very relevant at the present time in the context of modernization of education, since, subject to the use of modern technologies, the learning process becomes more effective and personality-oriented.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 2761-2764