Vocational Education And Social Mission Of Entrepreneurship In Society


The article explores the social mission and the philosophical essence of entrepreneurship in a new stage of development. The authors consider the reform of the business system and its adaptation to the reform processes in the context of expanding international cooperation and deepening democratic reforms in the development of civil society. The work examines the urgent issues of improving the preparation of youth for entrepreneurial activity, taking into account the protection of its social interests. An attempt was made to study the current state of vocational education and its impact on increasing the social mission of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the most important strategic tasks facing it, directly affecting the reduction of unemployment and the creation of new jobs. The conclusion is made about the need for an innovative approach and further improvement of the work of entrepreneurial structures aimed at increasing its social status in a new stage of development.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 2776-2782