Issues Of Development Of Agricultural Markets In Ensuring The Sustainability Of Agriculture

Yashnarjon Aliev

The emerging situations in the world agrarian market indicate that the growth rates of the production of agricultural products and its exports are observed in countries with natural-climatic advantages. International expert research on food safety has been conducted to highlight the complex situations associated with this problem in the world and some of its regions. Nowadays, the competitive environment in the world agrarian market is changing day by day. This situation can be observed especially in markets such as dairy and meat products, fruit and vegetable products, cereals and dried fruits, canned and processed agricultural products. The volume, quality of agricultural products grown in such a situation, the level of development of the sales markets and other factors influence it. The article describes the role and importance of agricultural market development in the sustainable development of agriculture, its specifics, and ways of state support. It also focuses on ways to ensure the balance of agricultural products, agro-resources and agro-services markets, innovative development of agriculture, the wide application of scientific achievements, and increasing the export potential of the sector through the development of the agrarian market.

Volume 12 | Issue 2

Pages: 2893-2901